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  Wade Dillon is a freelance illustrator and artist based in Sweeny, Texas.

   Born to creative parents Allen and Carol in Northeast Florida in 1988, Wade was immediately wrapped up in their world of love for art, film, and history. Their passions became his own and shaped the person that Wade is today; a lover of Texas history, devoted Batman geek, horror fan, and cheeseburger connoisseur.

   In 2010, Wade left Florida to pursue his dream of working at the Alamo, the Shrine of Texas Liberty, in San Antonio, Texas. For eight years, he served as a tour guide and Visitor Services Supervisor. During that time, Wade illustrated three books for Pelican Publishing Company: The Alamo from A to Z (2011), Davy Crockett from A to Z (2013), and The Texas Nutcracker (2018). In 2014, Wade married the love of his life, Lindsey.


   Now, Wade is the Museum Coordinator for the Freeport Historical Museum.

   Inspired by comic book and historical artists, Wade enjoys exploring and pushing his self-taught style; creating vivid and dynamic illustrations that pop-off the page.

   When he is away from his studio, Wade enjoys having adventures with his lovely wife, Lindsey, eating cheeseburgers with his pets, participating in living history reenactments, and attending comic book conventions.


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