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Wade loves sharing his knowledge of Texas history and David Crockett with others!


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BEAR GREASE with Clay Newcomb


On this week’s episode of Bear Grease, the final episode in our series on David Crockett, Clay Newcomb takes us on a deep dive into Davy’s death at the Alamo. He’ll look not just at the pop culture versions from John Wayne and Walt Disney, but also history’s best understanding of what really transpired. We’ll learn that it was far more important in US history than you might think. Clay talks with Wade Dillon, James Crisp, and of course, New York Times best-selling author, Robert Morgan about what led Crockett to Texas and what really happened at the Alamo. Did Crockett die fighting or was he executed…and why do we care? We really doubt you’re going to want to miss this one…

Reel Foot Forward - A West Tennessee Podcast

Episode 143: Wade Dillon

Scott Williams of Discovery Park of America and Wade Dillon

discuss the life and death of Tennessee hero David Crockett.

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