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"We are living in a time in which our knowledge of history is slowly but surely fading. It is our duty to teach our children the rich history of America. This book about the legendary hero David Crockett is a fine example."

    --Billy Bob Thornton, actor, on "Davy Crockett from A to Z".


"Wade Dillon's illustrations are wonderfully evocative and charming. He invests them with an energy and attitude that immediately pique one's interest. Who better to bring history to life?"

    --Brian Mallon, actor, Maj. Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock in "Gettysburg" and "Gods and Generals". 


"The story of the Alamo, and History in general, always needs fresh young artists to carry the torch when the older artists go on to that big Gallery in the Sky. Wade Dillon certainly shows an ever-improving promise to carry on that torch, and thus keep the interest and inspiration alive for future generations." 

    --Gary Zaboly, Illustrator, author of "An Altar for their Sons".

"As a 4th Great-Grandson of David Crockett, I have known about Wade's illustration work related to my ancestor for quite some time.  I admire his passion for his art and his creativity, combined with historical accuracy really stood out to me.  But his subject matter doesn't end there and seems to be as diverse as his many interests.  When I finally got the chance to meet Wade in person I was even more impressed with his professional, yet easy-going attitude and his willingness to participate as a presenter in our Crockett Family Reunion.  Wade's presentation as well as his artwork displays at our event were outstanding and really impressed our guests.  We were thrilled to see several of his original works and prints in person.  I even commissioned a portrait of David Crockett from Wade and I was blown away with what he created for me. Wade's instincts and talent make him an amazing and unique illustrator who stands out in a crowd.  I'm happy I have gotten the chance to get to know him and hope we will have many more opportunities in the future!" 

-- Errol Flannery, chairman, Direct Descendants & Kin of David Crockett


"Wade Dillon is a talented artist who illustrated my picture book for children, "The Texas Nutcracker".  His love of history is evident in his work, also notable is his keen eye for details.  There is a respect for the author's work that translates in what Wade does, and it makes for a cohesive project." -- Author Jennifer Coleman "The Texas Nutcracker"


"We had Wade Dillon as a storyboard artist on the pilot for the series "Too Many Crocketts".  His fine illustrations helped explain our vision for the film to our cast crew for the battle of the Alamo sequence.  His work was done in a professional and timely manner and for a very reasonable rate.  I would hope to work with him again." -- Producer Gary Heck


"I worked with Wade when he produced illustration work for my (marketing) team, and I can't recommend him highly enough!  He met with us to talk through our ideas, provided valuable feedback and recommendations, and delivered artwork in a timely manner, keeping us updated throughout the entire process.  We were thrilled with the end product and with the experience we had working with him."

-- Reba Collins

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